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Local Independent Full-Service Ag Provider

Our customers are at the forefront of agriculture.


Take advantage of the most discounts possible now through January 31, 2024!! We are booking chemical and seed for the 2024 season!! Lock in your prices before the new year price hikes!! Smokin' cash discounts or flexible financing offers available!! 


Soil Health Management

We are familiar with all the soils in our region. The land has a past, and our team works to improve its future.State-of-the-art soil testing protocols ensure the most advanced fertility recommendations. Our local experts answer questions about alternative and traditional crop systems including crop rotations and cover crops.

Crop Protection


We are an independent ag retailer that provides the flexibility farmers need to make the best decision for themselves. Select from brand name and post-patent crop protection products. We offer customized approaches that help farmers reach their goals based on local research. Yield Pro Ag is nimble enough to serve any producer’s needs.



Everyone says it but we go ahead and prove that our service is second to none. Products when you need them where it’s dark out or not. We’re partners with our customers and the ongoing sharing of information creates more targeted approaches. We are on their team and teams are always strongest when they work together.

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